Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hit The Spot starting out? What are your hours?

We are launching first in the Seattle area - mostly during lunch hours. We'll be expanding out to other times and parts of the US as quickly as possible!

FYI - the map on the lower part of our home page will always have the current coverage zones displayed.


How will a courier find a customer via GPS? How does that work?

Our Hit The Spot mobile app can be used to easy find the customer's location in real-time. GPS devices are surprisingly accurate these days, so it is possible to pinpoint a location within a few yards.


What happens if a customer keeps moving after an order is placed? What if he/she purposely avoids the delivery?

All orders through Hit The Spot are prepaid so it is in the customer's best interest to be easily found. While moving after an order is certainly allowed (e.g. while shopping, walking at a park, etc.), the courier and the customer will be in communication via text so they can spot each other.


How can I signup to be a delivery courier?

Learn more on our Become a Courier page. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


How much does Hit The Spot cost?

The app is free. For orders, the delivery fee is a flat 30% ($6 min), which includes tip. This means you can order a $1 pack of gum and the total will be $7. A larger $50 order, for example, will have a $15 fee (for a total of $65).


When is your Android app going to be released?

We are building it right now and hope to have it ready by the Fall!