About Us

It was a dark and stormy night... well not really.

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon on a trip from Detroit to Seattle and Brad House was on a layover sitting in the airport. Two hours of Solitaire left his laptop in need of a charge for the next flight so he settled in next to an outlet. But there was a problem. Airlines don’t take care of you like they used to and he was famished. Unfortunately his options were limited. If he got in line for food he wouldn’t have enough time to charge his computer and he would be stuck reading the inflight magazine from cover to cover and back again. Man, a burger would hit the spot but nobody was going to bring it to him. And that’s when it hit. "Why can't someone bring it to me?", he thought. "After all, everyone has a GPS-enabled smart phone these days. Surely someone has come up with a way to deliver food to my spot rather than an address"... They hadn’t, and that needed to be remedied.

Brad brought the idea to his friend Will Little who was a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry. Brad shared with him a simple idea: what If I could buy my lunch without a wallet and without an address? Isn’t it time that food delivery evolved to match the pace of today's busy schedule? Will was hungry and Hit The Spot™ was born.